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French Aromatherapy in the heart of Winchester

Maïanna Aromatherapy

The power of smell and touch

Aromatherapy is definitely "à la mode" as we say in France and my clients come to me with a wide range of beliefs and knowledge about essential oils and their potential therapeutic qualities. I respect that and would never try to change their beliefs, but since you are reading this and might be interested here are the two guiding principles of my work, very much influenced by two important figures of modern Aromatherapy .

The power of smell and touch

Smells can charm and be health-giving, or quite the opposite

René-Maurice Gatefossé 1936

During a session with me you experience a holistic therapy which uses essential oils blended specially for you. The power that beautiful aromas hold on human beings is brilliantly described by the French father of modern Aromatherapy, Gatefossé, and is at the root of the success of the perfume industry. We all hold our own "olfactory libraries" - large collections of smells memories that comfort, excite or repulse us. As I massage you, the oils will reach into your library - through the skin, nose and lungs - soothing you and relieving stress.

The best essential oils have the finest aromas and I spend many delicious hours selecting and sourcing my oils mostly from brilliant and passionate local distillers in la Drôme, my family home. This beautiful region, between Provence and the Vercors mountains also happens to be the largest essential oil producer in France.

A bit about me

Aromatherapy without massage is like an orchestra without a conductor

Robert Tisserand

I have always believed in the healing power of touch and the  recent periods of lockdown, which have resulted in an ever growing number of articles in the press about touch hunger and deprivation, have been a sad reminder that my beliefs were well founded.

Whether  through the soothing strokes of a gentle Swedish massage or deeper tissue work on specific muscle groups to address a particular issue, receiving a massage with me is a comforting experience and my clients often mention improved sleep and a deep sense of relaxation after visiting me, a feeling that their shoulders have literally "dropped back 'into place" (I do a lot of work on necks and shoulders nowadays !) and one recently described  my treatments as a "lovely way to reset my body and my mind".

A bit about me


In 2016 I decided to turn my interest in Aromatherapy into a career and trained with lovely Colette at the Winchester School of Aromatherapy, a satellite school of  Penny Price Academy where I obtained my Anatomy & Physiology and Clinical Aromatherapy diplomas. I have since also qualified as a Sports Massage therapist after training at Peter Symonds College AHEd. 


I am based right in the centre of Winchester and offer aromatherapy treatments from my peaceful home studio.

My garden and conservatory are  growing shelters for my favourite aromatic plants, as my love for essential oils definitely takes its roots in a passion for the plants they are distilled from!

Further training

In addition I have since trained in Aromatherapy for Pregnancy with Jo Kellet (From the Seed) Facial Rejuvenation Massage (Neal's Yeard Remedies Training School) and I am  currently finishing  a qualification in  Aromatic Science  with the Tisserand Institute.  I am a big fan of  ABMP training and the brilliant  Allison Denney  and Ruth Werner. I have completed  Sharon Wheeler's s scar therapy training  and am shortly starting training with the Christie NHS foundation trust for their Integrative Therapies for Cancer Diploma.

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What my clients say

"During my pregnancy I had a number of massages from Maïanna, at the end of each session I felt like I could float home. They allowed me to take a little time out of the day to focus on me and the baby, which was really beneficial" 


Massage Treatments

These are the treatments most of my clients seem to request

but I am always happy to tailor each session specifically

to your needs on the day!

Classic Full Body 

1hr - £45

This treatment will release tension in your body from head to toes and will help dissolve away your stress, leaving you feeling relaxed and recharged. Depending on your consultation, I will often choose, in agreement with you, to focus on specific areas of the body that need more work, such as the back, legs, neck and scalp to make your session as restorative as possible.

Back Buster 
40min - £35

This is a great massage that concentrates on your back, neck and shoulders and will bring relief to muscles that have suffered from too many hours spent sitting at your desk or just hunching your shoulders without probably even noticing!

Body & Feet Treat 

1hr - £45

A very popular treatment, which starts with a gentle aromatherapy massage and then moves on to a deeply relaxing foot massage that focuses on the reflex points of the feet. 

Fabulous Fifties
75mins - £55

This session is all about supporting you with hormonal fluctuations, using specific essential oils and massage strokes to help and relax you. You will also leave this session armed with a “hormone balancing kit” including an aroma stick and aroma roller to keep in your handbag.

Beautiful Bump
75mins - £55

A safe selection of oils and massage techniques are used in this side-lying treatment and will offer you a delicious moment of calm and reconnection with your changing body. 

Special package to support you all through your pregnancy and after the birth: 4 sessions, £140

Student Special

40mins - £30

Your back is feeling sore, anxiety is getting to you and your sleep is not so great…This session is for you, as I will select the oils and the massage strokes that will soothe your mind, unknot your back and get you back on track!

(Over 16s only)


If you have any questions about my oils or my treatments, or would like to book an appointment give me a call or send me an email below

A bientôt !


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